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nombre del archivo nombre del archivo:The_Simpsons - season 25.pt.zip
cantidad de subtítulos cantidad de subtítulos:22
lista de subtítulos lista de subtítulos: The Simpsons - 25x01 - Homerland.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x02 - Treehouse of Horror XXIV.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x03 - Four Regrettings And A Funeral.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x04 - YOLO.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x05 - Labor Pains.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x06 - The Kid Is All Right.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x07 - Yellow Subterfuge.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x08 - White Christmas Blues.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x09 - Steal This Episode.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x10 - Married To The Blob.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x11 - Specs and the City.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x12 - Diggs.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x13 - The Man Who Grew Too Much.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x14 - The Winter of His Content.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x15 - The War of Art.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x16 - You Don’t Have to Live Like a Referee.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x17 - Luca$.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x18 - Days Of Future Future.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x19 - What To Expect When Bart's Expecting.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x20 - Brick Like Me.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x21 - Pay Pal.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
The Simpsons - 25x22 - The Yellow Badge of Cowardge.HDTV.LOL.pt.srt
tamaño tamaño:270.64 kb
descargados número de descargas:  638

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