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Chicago Fire

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# Episodio Cantidad Subtítulos
5x22 My Miracle 2 en    ro 
5x21 Sixty Days 2 en    ro 
5x20 Carry Me 3 en  ar  ro 
5x19 Carry Their Legacy 2 en    ro 
5x18 Take a Knee 2 en    ro 
5x17 Babies and Fools 2 en    ro 
5x16 Telling Her Goodbye 3 en  ar  ro 
5x15 Deathtrap 4 en fr ar  ro 
5x14 Purgatory 3 en  ar  ro 
5x13 Trading in Scuttlebutt 2 en    ro 
5x12 An Agent of the Machine 2 en    ro 
5x11 Who Lives and Who Dies 3 en  ar  ro 
5x10 The People We Meet 3 en  ar  ro 
5x09 Some Make It, Some Don't 2 en    ro 
5x08 One Hundred 2 en    ro 
5x07 Lift Each Other 2 en    ro 
5x06 That Day 3 en  ar  ro 
5x05 I Held Her Hand 3 en  ar  ro 
5x04 Nobody Else Is Dying Today 2 en    ro 
5x03 Scorched Earth 3 en   pt ro 
5x02 A Real Wake-Up Call 3 en   pt ro 
5x01 The Hose or the Animal 3 en   pt ro 
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