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# Episodio Cantidad Subtítulos
3x13 High School Poppycock 0     
3x12 All About Her 0     
3x11 The Sin Bin 2 en   ro 
3x10 My Brother's Keeper 2 en   ro 
3x09 Til Death Do Us Part 2 en   ro 
3x08 Chloe Does Lucifer 2 en   ro 
3x07 Off the Record 2 en   ro 
3x06 Vegas with Some Radish 2 en   ro 
3x05 Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards 3 en fr  ro 
3x04 What Would Lucifer Do? 3 en  pt ro 
3x03 Mr. and Mrs. Mazikeen Smith 3 en  pt ro 
3x02 The One with the Baby Carrot 3 en  pt ro 
3x01 They're Back, Aren't They? 3 en  pt ro 
All episodes 0