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The Kids of Degrassi Street

Temporada 1

# Episodio Cantidad Subtítulos
1x26 Griff Gets a Hand 0   
1x25 Lisa Gets the Picture 0   
1x24 Martin Hears the Music 0   
1x23 Ryan Runs for Help 0   
1x22 Karen Keeps Her Word 0   
1x21 Connie Makes a Catch 0   
1x20 Jeffrey Finds a Friend 0   
1x19 Rachel Runs for Office 0   
1x18 Samantha Gets a Visitor 0   
1x17 Griff Makes a Date 0   
1x16 Connie Goes to Court 0   
1x15 Martin Meets the Pirates 2 en ru 
1x14 The Canards Move Out 2 en ru 
1x13 Liz Sits the Schlegels 2 en ru 
1x12 Benjamin Walks the Dog 2 en ru 
1x11 Catharine Finds Her Balance 2 en ru 
1x10 Billy Breaks the Chain 2 en ru 
1x09 Chuck Makes a Choice 2 en ru 
1x08 Pete Takes a Chance 2 en ru 
1x07 Casey Draws the Line 2 en ru 
1x06 Sophie Minds the Store 2 en ru 
1x05 Lisa Makes the Headlines 2 en ru 
1x04 Noel Buys a Suit 2 en ru 
1x03 Irene Moves In 2 en ru 
1x02 Cookie Goes to the Hospital 2 en ru 
1x01 Ida Makes a Movie 2 en ru 
All episodes 2 en ru