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The Twilight Zone

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# Episodio Cantidad Subtítulos
1x59 The Last Defender of Camelot 0   
1x58 A Day in Beaumont 0   
1x57 Grace Note 0   
1x56 Shadow Play 0   
1x55 The Library 0   
1x54 Devil's Alphabet 0   
1x53 Take My Life... Please! 0   
1x52 Red Snow 0   
1x51 Need to Know 0   
1x50 Button, Button 0   
1x49 Profile in Silver 0   
1x48 Dead Run 0   
1x47 The Leprechaun Artist 0   
1x46 Cold Reading 0   
1x45 Personal Demons 0   
1x44 Gramma 1 gr  
1x43 Quarantine 1 gr  
1x42 Welcome to Winfield 1 gr  
1x41 Tooth and Consequences 1 gr  
1x40 To See the Invisible Man 1 gr  
1x39 The Elevator 1 gr  
1x38 A Matter of Minutes 1 gr  
1x37 A Small Talent of War 1 gr  
1x36 Monsters! 1 gr  
1x35 The Misfortune Cookie 1 gr  
1x34 The Little People of Killany Woods 1 gr  
1x33 Still Life 1 gr  
1x32 The Star 1 gr  
1x31 But Can She Type? 1 gr  
1x30 Night of the Meek 1 gr  
1x29 I of Newton 1 gr  
1x28 Her Pilgrim Soul 1 gr  
1x27 One Life, Furnished in Early Poverty 1 gr  
1x26 The Beacon 1 gr  
1x25 Opening Day 1 gr  
1x24 The Uncle Devil Show 1 gr  
1x23 The Shadow Man 1 gr  
1x22 Wong's Lost and Found Emporium 1 gr  
1x21 Dead Woman's Shoes 1 gr  
1x20 Dealer's Choice 1 gr  
1x19 The Burning Man 1 gr  
1x18 Act Break 2 gr tr 
1x17 Paladin of the Lost Hour 1 gr  
1x16 Teacher's Aide 1 gr  
1x15 A Message from Charity 1 gr  
1x14 Examination Day 1 gr  
1x13 Ye Gods 1 gr  
1x12 If She Dies 0   
1x11 Nightcrawlers 1 gr  
1x10 Wish Bank 1 gr  
1x09 Little Boy Lost 1 gr  
1x08 Kentucky Rye 1 gr  
1x07 Children's Zoo 1 gr  
1x06 Healer 1 gr  
1x05 Chameleon 1 gr  
1x04 Dreams for Sale 1 gr  
1x03 Wordplay 1 gr  
1x02 A Little Peace and Quiet 1 gr  
1x01 Shatterday 1 gr  
All episodes 2 gr tr