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Being Human (US)

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# Episodio Cantidad Subtítulos
4x13 TBA 1 fr  
4x12 TBA 1 fr  
4x11 TBA 1 fr  
4x10 Oh Don't You Die For Me 1 fr  
4x09 TBA 1  pt 
4x08 Rewind, Rewind... 1  pt 
4x07 Gallows Humor 1  pt 
4x06 Cheater of the Pack 1  pt 
4x05 Pack It Up, Pack It In 2 fr pt 
4x04 The Panic Womb 2 fr pt 
4x03 Lil' Smokie 2 fr pt 
4x02 That Time of the Month 2 fr pt 
4x01 Old Dogs, New Tricks 2 fr pt 
All episodes 3 fr pt