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2 Broke Girls

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# Episodio Cantidad Subtítulos
4x22 And the In and Out 5 en fr gr  pt ro 
4x21 And the Grate Expectations 5 en fr gr  pt ro 
4x20 And the Minor Problem 5 en fr gr  pt ro 
4x19 And the Look of the Irish 5 en fr gr  pt ro 
4x18 And the Taste Test 5 en fr gr  pt ro 
4x17 And the High Hook-Up 5 en fr gr  pt ro 
4x16 And the Zero Tolerance 5 en fr gr  pt ro 
4x15 And the Fat Cat 5 en fr gr  pt ro 
4x14 And the Cupcake Captives 4 en fr   pt ro 
4x13 And the Great Unwashed 4 en fr   pt ro 
4x12 And the Knock Off Knockout 4 en fr   pt ro 
4x11 And the Crime Ring 5 en fr  ar pt ro 
4x10 And the Move-In Meltdown 5 en fr  ar pt ro 
4x09 And the Past and the Furious 4 en fr   pt ro 
4x08 And the Fun Factory 4 en fr   pt ro 
4x07 And a Loan for Christmas 4 en fr   pt ro 
4x06 And the Model Apartment 4 en fr   pt ro 
4x05 And the Brand Job 4 en fr   pt ro 
4x04 And the Old Bike Yarn 4 en fr   pt ro 
4x03 And the Childhood Not Included 4 en fr   pt ro 
4x02 And the DJ Face 4 en fr   pt ro 
4x01 And the Reality Problem 5 en fr  ar pt ro 
All episodes 6 en fr gr ar pt ro