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Big Sky

Temporada 3 | Temporada 2 | Temporada 1

# Episodio Cantidad Subtítulos
2x18 Catch a Few Fish 1 en 
2x17 Family Matters 1 en 
2x16 Keys to the Kingdom 1 en 
2x15 The Muffin or the Hammer 1 en 
2x14 Dead Man's Float 1 en 
2x13 The Shipping News 1 en 
2x12 A Good Boy 1 en 
2x11 Do No Harm 1 en 
2x10 Happy Thoughts 1 en 
2x09 Trust Issues 1 en 
2x08 The End Has No End 1 en 
2x07 Little Boxes 1 en 
2x06 Heart-Shaped Charm 1 en 
2x05 Mother Nurture 1 en 
2x04 Gettin' Right to It 1 en 
2x03 You Have to Play Along 1 en 
2x02 Huckleberry 1 en 
2x01 Wakey, Wakey 1 en 
All episodes 1 en